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Tomorrow, I take the next step on my journey to becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer. I will be flying to Philadelphia for a day of training, and soon thereafter, I will be on my way to Lusaka, Zambia, for three months of training.

During that time, please, write me at:
Everett (Nemo) Pompeii/PCT
Peace Corps
P.O. Box 50707
Lusaka, Zambia
I'll post my permanent address, when I get it. You may also email me, and I use Google Voice for my phone service, so you may text me as well. Both digital methods may be quicker than good ole post but not instantaneous. I won't have reliable internet, while learning how to fish farm, and depending on where I am placed, that may be the case, for the entirety of my service.

Also, sign up for my mailing list! It's really the easiest way to keep up with me.

Find out how to join the Peace Corps!

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