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Manning Raptors
In the spring, I competed in a triathlon with my girlfriend, Savannah, and since I'm no longer sailing to the Caribbean, I created a trifecta of hobbies to bide my time, this fall, until I leave for Zambia, as a Peace Corps Volunteer.


Last summer, I discovered marathon swims. They were added to the Summer Olympics in 2008. It's been my goal, ever since, to complete one. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I went to the pool. Each Wednesday, I would add an addition 1km, so the morning prior to the most gluttonous day of the year, Thanksgiving, I swam for a total of three hours and twenty-five minutes, 200 laps, 400 lengths, 10 kilometers, 6 miles: a marathon swim.
Olympic Marathon Swim
After every 2km, I would stop, take a drink, and flip the cup over. 


I'm going to be biking over 20 miles a day, in Zambia, so I figured I might as well start getting prepared for that reality. I was averaging around 12 miles a day, between swimming and tai chi (see below), but that wasn't quite enough. As I started getting into falconry, the opportunity presented itself for me to volunteer at The Center for Birds of Prey. It's ten miles north of my house, so on Tuesday's and Thursday's, I now commute a little over 32 miles. Atop that, I'm also learning how to handle and work with raptors: hawks, falcons, kestrels, kites, osprey, eagles, owls, and vultures.
Lanner Saker Hybrid
Manning a raptor, Lanner/Saker Falcon Hybrid


If you want to keep busy, stay in shape, and not hate yourself, when you're older than 40, I have a few simple words of advice: Do what the old people do. Swimming, biking, and volunteering at The Center, there are a few other twenty-somethings, but by and large, my peers are all old and grey. The same can be said for my final hobby, tai chi. It builds strength, increases balance and reflexes, reduces stress, teaches practical martial arts, and most importantly, it's low impact. I've been going to classes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and I can now do the Yang Style 24 Form.

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