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Before hitchhiking through New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and even the United States or living in a tipi, I backpacked through Europe, for seven weeks. I had just graduated high school and attended Clemson University's freshman orientation, as I hopped on a plane headed for London, England. That was four years ago.

This morning, while headed to my last full week of classes ever, I saw a sign for freshman orientation, and then I received this in my email inbox:
you have just graduated college (or at least you should have)
so at this point you need to travel the world in its entirety
you don't care about what any "serious girlfriend" you might have will think, hell she should come along with you.
you love you,
I had almost forgotten that I'd written it, marked it as spam. Other than my use of capitalization and punctuation, things haven't changed much though, over the past four years. Hopefully my prior self wouldn't be too disappointed that I'm not backpacking "the world in its entirety" just yet. Rather, I'm joining The Peace Corps. But that's still travel right?

I've gone ahead and written myself another letter, set to be delivered again in four years time. Hopefully, I still won't care what any "serious girlfriend" might think, by then. If you'd like to write a letter to yourself, I've included the website I used below.

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Source: FutureMe

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