Saint Anthony's: Cold Turkey Triathlon

Triathlon Finishline
This past November, as I was preparing to go on my Winter Break Adventure, my girlfriend asked me if I'd like to do a triathlon with her in April. Note, we had only been dating for a couple of months at this point, but I was about to spend three and a half weeks traveling with another girl, one of my best friends, Cayla. If she was willing to put up with that, I figured I could be a triathlete for a day.

Triathlon Swim Swim

Triathlon BikeMy girlfriend, Savannah, and I actually met swimming. I was trying to keep in shape, and she was training for her least favorite leg of the triathlon. Through this, we formed a friendship and soon started dating. During fall semester, we had a great workout routine. We would wake up and go swimming before class, three days a week. When it came time to register for spring classes, we tried to keep the same schedule, but I couldn't. Atop that, I was taking 21 credit hours, so free time was near nonexistent. Savannah continued to train for St. Anthony's Triathlon, while I sat on my ass in lab, programming video games about my cat.


It is of my opinion that there is no such thing as a cheap triathlon. Competing in St. Anthony's probably cost ten times as much as our last trip, hitchhiking to Key West. The socioeconomic status of most participants reaffirmed my hypothesis that this is not a poor man's (or normal college kid's) sport . By the time you factor in equipment, especially for the cycling section of the triad, registration, and transportation, you're going to spend well over a grand, and you're still going to feel like you're riding a Wal-Mart bike. Road bikes are like cars. Some middle aged man going through a midlife crisis is always going to buy a better one than you. I spent $400 on my bike, and that's considered quaint.


Given my training, or lack there of, I was rather happy with what I achieved, finishing in just over three and a half hours.
As you can see, Savannah beat me by 18 minutes, and she rightly deserved to. The writing of this post constitutes the amount of exercise I managed, leading up to the event. In an ironic twist, my car died on the way back up to Clemson, the Clemson CATBUS stops running at 5 o'clock, and they're canceling both of the routes that run near the tipi, starting in July. So I'm going to be biking 13 miles a day, or to put it another way, cycling half the distance of an Olympic Triathlon, from here on out.

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Source: St. Anthony's

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