Saying Goodbye to a Friend

saying goodbye to a friend
Written Saturday, November 9th, 2013:
Tonight I said goodbye two two things that I love: one that I will miss dearly and the other I will seemingly not even notice. Maximilian Becker and Blockbuster Video, respectively.

A few months ago, my good friend (for over six years) Cayla was in need of a roommate. She found a German undergrad looking for a place to stay, on Couchsurfing. Now the Couchsurfing community as a whole is generally a decent place to find a friendly cohabitant for a few nights, maybe a week, but Max became a full time housemate of Cayla's.
Over the course of the next three months, Max became one of us. From going out to game nights to burrito dinners, Max became an integral asset to what has made this an amazing semester, thus far.
Blockbuster vs Netflix

After his departure, this evening, we sought to remedy our sadness (or more so forget it) by saying another goodbye, to a childhood friend, Blockbuster Video. Saturday, November 9th, 2013 was the last day ever to rent a video from their stores.
The once mighty retailer only had 300 locations left open, and one of them happened to be in Greenville, SC. So, Cayla and I decided to remedy our melancholy with one final movie renting spree.

1) Blockbuster limits you to ten movies at a time (Netflix has a couple thousand, I think).
2) You have to have an account (they weren't opening new ones) and neither my nor her nor our family members came up in their arcane computer system.
3) We thus, could not rent a single movie.

I feel it was a fitting end though. Disappointment.
If I'm going to have a final memory in a Blockbuster, I think disappointment is the most fitting.
Disappointed that the movie I wanted wasn't there.
Disappointed that the movie I wanted was out of stock.
Disappointed that the movie I wanted my sisters didn't like.
Disappointed that the movie had to be returned only "1 Day" later.
Disappointed that on the last day they're ever open, I couldn't even rent a movie.

And most of all, disappointed that I won't be able to share a beer with Maximilian Becker, tomorrow (or any day in the near future).

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