My Second Semester Living in a Tipi

tipi house
And just like that, I'm a rising Senior. Another semester and another academic school year behind me. I still have all of my scholarships (pretty impressive for a Software Engineering student who doesn't even have electricity, if I may say so). And again, I learned some amazing things:
  • Trees do as they wish.
    tipi living
    Only a few leaf stains
  • Trees fall where they wish (the white to the left is the tipi; the brown to the right is the massize, 100+ foot white oak tree that almost destroyed my tipi, this past Saturday).
  • In Anderson County, dogs can bark as much as they wish, people can run their homes using a gas generator if they wish, and noise ordinances don't mean jack shit.
  • 'Tom & Jerry' makes a lot more sense.
  • Cats don't simply kill. They toy; they torture.
  • Even though your grandma knows that you basically live in the woods, she will still wear her Sunday Best out to visit you (and then refuse to walk almost anywhere because... "it's in the woods").
  • A hive of honeybees is a superorganism. The way they reproduces is by swarming.
  • Bees are incredibly dosile creatures.
  • I love sending and recieving handwritten letters.
  • It's very nice having this site, when trying to explain the whole tipi living thing to people I meet.
  • It's very odd having someone look at pictures of your bedroom (and even bathroom), when you just meet (now that I step back and think about it).
  • If you are willing to put such photos, of your bedroom/entire home, up on the internet, your perception of 'privacy' is probably much different than somone who doesn't even use Facebook.
  • Even though you only payed $x for a peice of property, good ole bureaucracy will try and base your taxes off of  4*x.
  • Most people who are vegan do it for ethical reasons.
  • I think most vegans are idiots.
  • God created the heavens and the earth. He then stopped and snacked on pita and hummus.
  • Telling a cop you're a college kid, when your hitchhiking, completely disarms them (usually).
  • Hitchhiking halfway across the country to see a lady "makes a lot of sense", apparently (I just thought I was a bit loopy, but alright, I'll go with sane).
  • With every season, like every stage, year, month, week, or day in life, there are pros and cons to the climate. You can't get too caught up in wishing that the next would 'hurry up and come' because as soon as the heat of Summer is upon you, you will be praying for Fall, so you might as well find the silver lining in the dead of Winter and enjoy it, goosebumps and all.
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