Hivemind: Week 1

top bar beekeeping
It's been a week since I put a swarm of feral bees into my top bar beehive, and (drumroll, please)... We have honeycomb!
Don't go grabbing your honeypots just yet though. These infant combs (at least six by my count) are for their brood and honey reserves. 

These little guys (and one gal) have been hard at work. When I went to take this photo, the entrance to the hive was abuzz with the bees dancing every which way (how they communicate where the good food, nectar, and pollen is). I would also like to note how docile these creatures are. I changed their feeder (the glass bowl in the lower right of the shot) in my boxers, on Saturday. Sting Count: 0

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Backyard Beekeeping

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