The Mouser

After visiting Eustace Conway, hitchhiking home, and setting up The Tipi, I was finally ready to add a new member to the family: a cat.  When contemplating how this whole 'living in a tipi' thing would work, I stumbled upon the idea of adopting a kitten.

I've always been a dog lover, and truth be told, I've never much liked cats. Plus, I'm kind of allergic to them. So why would I want a cat? A pet that eats your food but doesn't even come when it's called... A year ago I would have said, "Thanks, but no thanks." But now, I've changed my mind, and this is why:
Vermin are one of your main adversaries living the way I do. Rats and mice can chew through nearly anything, and on top of that, they can carry a whole slew of diseases (have you ever heard of The Black Death?).  So, I settled upon getting a cat, but not just any cat. A Mouser.

I didn't go to the city pound looking for the biggest, meanest feline that I could find, like they did in Mouse Hunt. Rather, I found myself a playful kitten at the Anderson Animal Shelter. Who, with a little training, seemed destine for mouse hunting glory.

I soon found out that, unlike dogs, you can't really train a cat per say, but you can definitely influence their behavior.  Every toy she had was mouse shaped, and every game we played was meant to simulate some part of hunting.

Within two weeks, she had started to hunt insects. The first of which was a butterfly. Next came the grasshoppers that use to frequent my tipi. Then, the big day. About a month after I adopted her, I woke up to my tipi cat playing with her new favorite toy, a dead field mouse.

The Official Score Card
The Mouser | The Mice
1            |        0

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