The Odyssey of a Package

Hitchhiking Japan
When I left Sendai, at the end of July, I boxed up everything I owned that couldn't fit in my school backpack, and I shipped it back to the US via 2-3 week shipping... this past week, it finally arrived.
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It turns out that US Customs will let you ship a laptop from the United States, but they wont let you send the same exact computer back the other way. The grind comes with the ounces of lithium contained within. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, an 11" laptop has too much lithium to ship on a cargo plane.
You can carry a 17" computer on a passenger plane, but for some reason, some nonsensical, illogical reason, my 11" laptop could not be shipped via basically the same means.

My liaison at Tohoku University did kindly retrieve my parcel from the post office that it was shipped back to in Sendai, and they resent the package.
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This time around, my box made it through customs, albeit after a bit of a shakedown.
My internal laptop battery, two laptop chargers, cellphone charger, and my travel cellphone's battery were all missing. I now have an 11 inch, ultra-portable laptop that can last a mighty .035 seconds when unplugged from an outlet... good thing I never planned to use it at The Tipi, I suppose.

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