My Sioux Tipi House

Tipi Camping
I've had a few people come and visit my tipi house, over the past few weeks, and many of them are astonished at "how BIG it actually is." It's not a backpacking tent! It's an 18 foot diameter, single roomed dwelling... ok, it is still a tipi, but it's quite spacious. Come take a look!
Tipi Living
The Tipi from Behind

The Inside of The Tipi: Clockwise

Tipi House
The Mud Room and Tool Shed
Tipi House
The Blue Cooler is my Closet; The Blanket is the Living/Dining Room
Tipi House
The Potbelly Stove is the Furnace/Stove/Counter; Behind it is the Master Bedroom
Tipi House
The Red Bucket is the Garbage Can; The Red Cooler is the Fridge
Tipi House
Yay, Firewood!

The Bathroom & Compost

Tipi Living
The Left is for #1; The Right is for #2
Tipi Living
Privacy at Its Finest

Tipi Living
Where I Empty the Red and Blue Buckets

The Fire Pit & Water Station

Located Behind The Tipi (To the Bottom Left of the Second Photo)
Shower, Dish Washer, Laundry Machine, etc.

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