How to Access Safe Drinking Water

When I was talking to Eustace Conway about setting up my tipi, he wisely stated that, "water is one of your most valuable resources." Luckily, I have access to running water on my property, but if you don't happen to be not so lucky and have a lack of clean drinking water, here are a few ways to gain access to safe drinking water.
How to Build a Water Still
Solar Water Still
How to Build a Homemade Water Filter
Homemade Water Filter
How to Make a Solar Still
Transpiration Bag
How to Build a Water Still
Beach Well
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  1. I really like the taste of filtered water, and while tap water can look clean, it still could contain lead and mercury, which is harmful to your health, so I prefer to use a filter.click here

  2. These iodine water purifiers are often recommended to travelers who are going to a place where the cleanliness of the water supply is suspect. This page


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