Meeting Eustace Conway and Setting Up a Tipi

After hitchhiking Japan (more stories to come, I promise), I set my sights stateside to Turtle Island Preserve. Turtle Island is a 1,000+ acre nature preserved near Boone, North Carolina run by a man named Eustace Conway. Most might know Eustace from the History Channel's Mountain Men, but for a true and better picture, I would suggest that you read "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert (of "Eat, Pray, Love" fame).

Eustace lived in a tipi for 17 years, so I figured any questions that I had not already answered about my tipi plans, he would be able to. My plane landed in Tri-Cities, Tennessee, and from there, I hitchhiked the 50 some odd miles to Turtle Island. I had sent him a post card back in February letting him know that I planned to stop in, but I had no idea he was now a 'TV Star'.

I spent the next three days living and working at Turtle Island, and in that time, I got an hour to sit with Eustace and talk about my plans. He helped me work out the kinks and find the flaws. And when I returned to Clemson, this past week, I built my new home, my tipi:
The Base Tripod
The Frame with all of the Standard Poles
... wait what goes next?
The Canvas Loosely Wrapped 
Lacing the Lacing Pins
Once the poles are shifted out and the canvas is staked, you add the liner.
Finally, the Ozan goes in to help keep things dry.
A Special Thanks to: Shauna, Mark, Grandpa (Bob), and Dad (Tom) for all of your help on the project.

What would you like to see go into the tipi? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. This is awesome. I wish a good chat between me and my favorite Stadium Suites (ex)resident could go inside your new home. Since that's not an option, I vote for an air mattress so you can sleep comfortably :) Where the hell did you find a place to erect a tipi, by the way?!

    1. Thanks! I actually got a full size futon mattress last week. It is quite comfy.
      I got the land the same place that I got the mattress, CraigsList. It's a wonderful, wonderful site.


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