Hitchhiking in Clemson

Though I brought my car up to Clemson this year, I've chosen to take the bus to school. I could pretend to say that I'm doing it for the environment and what not, but that would be a lie. I mean yes, taking public transportation does help the enviroment (and me save money on gas and a $100 parking pass), but the truth is I simply don't want to deal with driving from Pendleton to Clemson every morning and having to park the damn thing.

The only problem with the bus system though is its hours. Nearly all of the CAT buses stop running at around 5:30 PM, even though some university scheduled classes can run as late as 9:50 PM. On Wednesdays, the earliest lab offered for my class runs from 4:00 until 5:50... The last bus to Pendleton departs at 5:21.

With it being the beginning of the semester, the lab was not yet open a day early (as it usually will be). So after my first Computer Organization lab finished, it was already 5:28 PM, and there were storm clouds brewing in the distance. Close but no cigar bus.

At this point, I had three options:
1) Try and call friends to mooch a ride off of
2) Sleep in Cooper for the night
3) Walk the two hours home, hope the thunderclouds don't let loose, and hold my thumb out the whole way hoping for a ride.

I obviously made the wise choice of number three, and set to walking. I figured it would be quicker to walk and hitch than hitching while stationary. Highway 76 has a nice, 5ft wide pullover lane the entire way to my place, so if anyone wanted to give me a lift, it would be quite easy to do so.

As I made my way up the hill past the National Guard office, about 20 minutes into walking, a silver hatchback swerved into the service lane and stopped about 50 yards ahead of me. As I sprinted towards the car (never leave a driver waiting longer than you have to), out of the passenger's side popped one of my friends, Colby.

He had jokingly told his girfriend, who was driving, " You should stop for the hitchihker, haha ."

As they passed and he recognized me, he shouted, "NO, NO! Seriously! Stop for that hitchhiker!"

So, if any of you ever happens to see me and my big blue backpack making their way down 76 because of the lame CAT Bus schedule, please, please "Stop for that hitchhiker!"

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  1. If I ever see you hitching I will be sure to stop! Also (if you haven't already) look into a simple bicycle on craigslist, I try to pedal mine to school whenever I can. Honestly with the parking situation at Clemson it's almost as fast as driving.

    1. Ha, thanks! Biking down 76 scares the bejesus out of me, though.


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