SideCar App Touts Roadside Ride-Share

My first time hitchhiking was in San Francisco. Now, residence of The City by the Bay can hitchhike without even using their thumbs. A new app called SideCar allows hitchhikers and sluggers alike find drivers, using their iPhones or Android devices. Though the application doesn't integrate into any other service such as CouchSurfing, like I suggested they should last week, it does have one innovative feature. It works on the go.

Unlike most other ride-share services, you can tap into the network of potential drivers while already on the roadside. Payment is optional, and all of the drivers are pre-screened, to try and avoid the occasional psycho axe-wielding murderer. There's no plans as of yet to bring the service nationwide, but with Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" in mind, it's a fitting place for such a project to start. If you're looking to hitchhike California you can check out the app in the iOS or Android app stores.

Source: SideCar

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


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