The Trumpeting Trucker

This past Tuesday, I finished my exams, so I set out from Sendai on another hitchhiking adventure. Hitchhiking in Japan is pretty easy, once you get into the expressway system, but getting there can be rather a pain sometimes. My first ride of the day was actually in the wrong direct. He was heading north; I was heading south. So why would I take a ride in the wrong direction? Well he got me to a good Parking, a glorified reststop of sorts that are the best places to hitchhike in Japan. Sometimes you have to go up in order to go down.

My second ride validates this point rather well. He was a truck driver heading well past Tokyo, a solid eight hour drive. As I climbed in, I noticed that he had two trumpets sitting on the bed in his sleeper cabin, so when the conversation later turned to music, I asked him if he liked jazz. The response I got still puts a smile on my face. He reached behind him, grabbed the brassier looking of the two trumpets, and he started to play. We were zooming down the express way at 120 km/hour, and he's just blowing away, with his left hand on the wheel and his right hand making sweet music.

At some point I played a bit of guitar for him, but other than that, he was either singing (in Japanese) or playing one of the trumpets the entire rest of the trip. It was one of my best rides ever. At every rest stop, including when I finally dropped me off, well past nightfall, he set me up with an array of food and snacks. Trumpeting Trucker, will forever be in my Driver Hall of Fame. Keep rock'n the roadway!

Tune in Next Time for: Getting Assulted by a Driver

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