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When I'm hitchhiking around the world, I usually don't take a camp stove with with me. The hassle of getting a camping stove through customs and buying the fuel on the other side just isn't worth it, when making a campfire is so easy. The fuel is free, and the smell is wonderful. I have run into problems though, in urban areas and where there are fire bans. Enter the BioLite.

The BioLite is a modern, wood camp stove. Using a thermoelectric generator (TEG), the BioLite recycles its own thermal energy into electricity. The first thing the power is used for is the fan. Through convection, the fan increases burn efficiency. This allows you to use twigs and small sticks as the fuel source, instead of logs or large branches. The second and coolest thing the BioLite does is charge your smartphone or other gadgets via USB.
For a hitchhiker, the BioLite seems to offer the best of both worlds. As a camp fire stove, it gives you the ability to burn the free fuel off the ground while also allowing you to do so on the roadside, without getting the cops called. The BioLite price is quite competitive, at $129, considering you never have to buy fuel for it. Feel free to check out the video demo after the break.

Also, how do you cook your food while hitchhiking?
Let me know in a comment below.
Source: BioLite

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