Offline Google Maps and 3D Cities

With our without Apple on board, Google continues to improve its mapping services. At the company's I/O event yesterday, they made several announcements. The first came with the unveiling of Google Now, on the Google Nexus 7. Maps and real-time traffic will be deeply integrated into the service, along side info on public transit. If you are traveling abroad or in the woods though, Google Maps is now available offline. The service, which was officially announced a few weeks back, will still track be able to track your location if you have GPS enabled, but you won't be able to get directions, turn-by-turn navigation, or search the map without a data connection.  You will be able to cache at least six "large metro areas" at a time though.

Also, if you just want to let the computer do the traveling for you, Google is adding 3D cities to Google Earth for Android. There is no word yet on when whether or when iOS will see this update.

Do you use your phone for maps when you travel? Let me know in a comment below.
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