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While the first draft is being edited, I've started on the illustrations and drawings for The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth. I've decided to work from the outside in, so naturally, the cover came first. In light of Craig Mod's very poignant op-ed (it's a great read if you have the time), I've gone for a simplistic design.

In the world of e-books, there really are no covers. The most that you get is an icon, a few pixels by a few pixels, and once you hit that, you're at page one. You skip right past the cover. Nearly all e-readers are guilty of this. Even in the medium of print, the most memorable part of a cover is the picture on it.

Above are two concepts for The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth's cover that I've come up with. The one on the left uses only five colors and is a bit more simplistic; the one on the right uses six colors and is a bit more descriptive. Which do you prefer?

Left, Right, or back to the drawing board? Let me know in a comment below.
Also, if you haven't taken the two minutes to back the project, there's no better time! Check out The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth on KICKSTARTER!

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  1. I like the road. Maybe a mountain behind it. Perhaps a stream running down the mountain. Maybe a college student from Clemson floating down the river with his backpack and and orage Koozie. Too many colors?

    1. Haha, they don't charge by the color, but if all of that was an icon on your iPhone it would look like a smudge. I think that the right definitely won out over the left, though.


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