SpareOne: The New Travel Phone

While traveling, I carry my smartphone in case there is an emergency. More often than not, I end up using the it quite a bit more than I intended to. It's a luxury as much as a curse. I'm a technophile and all, but sometimes, it's nice to feel as though you're completely disconnected... How does for 15 years sound?
XPAL's SpareOne is a screenless cellphone that runs off a single AA battery, for up to 15 years. First shown off at CES, this past January, the mobile can make calls both with and without a SIM card. The latter option is limited to emergency calls only, but with a SIM or micro-SIM, you can use it just like a normal cellphone. The SpareOne can even work in tandem with your smartphone, using the same number.

With ten hours of talk time, nine programmable speed-dials, speakerphone, call waiting/two lines, and of course an emergency call button, the SpareOne is a very compelling idea for urban travel. My only hesitation is its water resistance or lack there of. Once taken out of it's original packaging, the mobile is in no way waterproof. If you're willing to throw it in a zip-lock though, set your alarm for half past the next decade. This phone is in it for the long haul.

Does the SpareOne sound like a good backup to you? Let me know in a comment below. And if you're looking to get out there and travel, check out my upcoming book on KICKSTARTER, The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth.

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  1. Awesome idea. Good back up. Waterproofing would make it heavier. Zip lock works. You'd do that anyway. Colors? GPS tacking?

  2. Thanks. It comes in your choice of red and white or red and white, at this point.
    As far as GPS, no. Something like Spot is good for that though, but it has a monthly/annual fee.


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