Japan: Mt. Fuji for the Eclipse

This coming Monday Morning (Sunday Evening for the US), there will be a complete Annular Solar Eclipse over Japan and the West Coast of North America. On that day, I'm planning to watch the sunrise and then watch the moon take it out, all from the summit of Mt. Fuji. 
My replacement pack arrived last week, and I see no better way to break it in. Student train passes were on special, so I'm also going to get my first ride on a Bullet Train (新幹線)! At first I was a bit saddened that it wouldn't be possible to do this trip hitching, but then I remembered I would be going 300 km/hr on a Shinkansen and all was well. 

If you're wishing to get in on the action, Panasonic is live-streaming the entire event. But if you're wanting to get out there and do have an adventure of your own, check out my book on KICKSTARTER, The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth 

Source: Panasonic

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Location: Tohoku University, 2丁目-1 Katahira, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 980-8577, Japan


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