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Along with my vow to speak no English, I'm also not buying any products from the US (or anywhere else abroad) and having them shipped over, while I'm in Japan (日本). 
The other day though, I started to run low on deodorant. It's Spring Time (hint: next comes Summer). The issues were two fold. Firstly, the Japanese are notorious for having near useless deodorant. Second, I don't use any deodorants that are also antiperspirants. Self-applied injury is not on my to do list.

Option 1: Scour the stores for a deodorant without any of the following (and hope that it actually works):
クロルヒドロキシアルミニウム  (Aluminum chlorohydrate)
乾燥硫酸アルミニウムカリウム (Aluminum potassium sulfate)
酸化亜鉛  (zinc oxide)
亜鉛  (zinc) 
銀  (silver)

Option 2: Amazon.anywhere
Amazon is not only in the US (.com) but Canada (.ca), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), China (.cn), and of course, Japan (.co.jp). The latter is even offered in the oh so wonderfully flavor known as English. It doesn't offer everything the American site does, but it did have Tom's of Maine and Dr. Bronner's to my dorm step in two days flat. 

How to Use Amazon While Traveling

Even though each site is run by the same Amazon and bears their logo, website design, ect. they pretty much operated as separate companies. They are only joined at the executive level. This means, you will have to create another account (the username can be the same), reenter your payment info, and if you're a student or an Amazon Prime member, you have to either pay for shipping or sign up for another membership (or take advantage of the free Prime trail, as I did). 

After the break, you can find a link to Amazon.com's International page. The US, Canad, UK, and Australian sites are in English, of course, and as previously mentioned, the Japanese site has that option too. The others, though, need to be translated via Google's Site Translator if you can't read the native language. Additionally, products can be shipped internationally to any of the allowed countries even if they don't have their own site.

I hope that was helpful. And if you are looking on Amazon.com for a good read, no matter where you live, check out my KICKSTARTER Project, The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth.

Source: Amazon Surviving Japan

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