How Google's Project Glass Could Help You Travel

Google showed off Project Glass again yesterday, and this again got me thinking about what features would be most useful on a such a devise. The answer I arrived at is translation.
With their initial unveiling, Google showed off the concept of a digital overlay, but what if it went beyond Google+ ,maps, and such? What if it had was able to translate, like Word Lens or Language Immersion for Chrome? This could revolutionize international travel.
Even more so, the integration of Google's own conversation mode, from their translation apps, would allow subtitles to literally appear before your very eyes. Imagine someone says, "
Barev Dzez" to you, "Hello [Armenian]" appearing. Or, if your more a fan of the dubbing, an ear peice could be implemented for near instantaneous audio play back. Just imagine the video below (but without the phone!).
The odd thing is, re-watching this video for the post, I now understand all of the Japanese being spoken. I do not see this as replacing the need to learn a foreign language or for professional translators, but I do see it as a powerful tool for your everyday traveler (or super tramp).

If you're looking to get out their and travel, even if you don't know the language, check out my book on KICKSTARTER, The Hitchhiker's Guide to: Earth.

Source: YouTube (Translate Immersion Project Glass G+ Word Lens)

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