How Do I Flush: Deuce

This side of campus knows what it's about. After being momentary dumbfounded as for how to flush the toilet last month, I'm happy to see that they've got theirs clearly labeled. Not only does this one have the oddly out of site, flush button tagged, it also has little pictures for each enema setting. So convenient.
Also, in case you get shy, this one has its own sound system. Nothing like the glorious 9th to woe you into your sweet toilet serende.
Plus, there's an emergency call switch if you really get tanked.

You got to love Japan.

If you dream of a world with heated toilet seats and the open road, check out my upcoming book on KICKSTARTER, The Hichhiker's Guide to: Earth.

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Location: Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Komegafukuro, 1丁目2−6


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