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Back when they existed as a retail chain, I worked at Circuit City. I started off in TV's, but I kept selling too many. The old guys were got pissed. They moved me to PCs. There was no commission in computer section though, so I just slacked off until they finally moved me to FireDog (their Geek Squad).
One Saturday, while still in PCs, this rather cool twenty something guy came in looking for a mouse or something. I wasn't in the mood to explain to Grandma what the difference between a hard-drive and RAM was for the twentieth time that morning, so I struck up a conversation. We got on the topic of viruses and I mentioned my new found fascination with torrenting.
Turns out the guy had just finished a month long stint in prison and was on parole for the next three years.
The reason, torrenting. He had been seeding The Adobe Suite for over a month. The FBI kicked down his door, tackled him in his boxers, arrested him, and permanently confiscated his computers.
They didn't care that he had 30,000 pirated songs or the 400 illegally downloaded movies. All he was ever convicted or even charged for was Adobe stuff.


Fast forward a year or so though, and I really wanted Photoshop.
A month or two back, I was in need of Illustrator (for my cartoons).
And the other day, I really wanted Dreamweaver to start working on my HTML (for my upcoming projects).

Total Cost of Said Adobe Products: $600
Clockwise: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator
Total Price I Payed: $0

The Feds can't out to get me though. Through the wonder and the glory that is the internet, we have Open Source Software.
Clockwise: GIMP, aptana, and Inkscape
I can edit, draw, and code anywhere in the world without worrying about licensing agreements or DRM restrictions. All I need is a computer and an internet connection and I have all the tools I need.

If you're looking to play around with your photos, Free Photoshop Alternative: GIMP/ Mac
Draw some fancy stuff, Free Illustrator Alternative: Inkscape/ Mac
Or design a website, Free Dreamweaver Alternative: aptanaMac

Try Open Source. Love Open Source. And if you're feel quite adventurous, might I suggest giving Linux a try: Ubuntu.

Sources: Download Ubuntu

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