Update: Hit by a Car/Polar Bear

After two updates on my original, more whimsical view of Monday's wreck, I felt it was time for an additional post, after I found this today:
This is a photo of the car that hit me... I have absolutely no recollection of ever taking this photo.
I do not remember the accident (or by my approximations the preceding five to ten seconds). My fist real memory afterwards is in the back of the ambulance. Odd thing, I do not think I was ever unconscious.

Reasoning: The hospital is literally a block away (I was actually heading right next door to it for a dental check-up: irony).  The EMTs got there in a matter of minutes. I was wearing a moped helmet (goofy looking but the ear flaps are nice this time of year). My first solid memory is in the ambulance, and I was not in the stretcher. I'm sitting next to it with an EMT next to me. I had taken my own two jackets off (they were around me as I would remove them). My backpack was in front of me, on the stretcher, and I was writing on my white board (I wear one around my neck now; I kind of look like this).
While looking through the open back window of the ambulance, I saw this car and quite a few bikes and bystanders. This visceral flashback hit me really hard. I wouldn't quite call it a full memory but in words simply translates to 


I wrote something on my board and the EMT LET ME WALK OUTSIDE. Soon enough I found my bike and because the front wheel was torqued a bit (Note: fixed the next day), I proceeded to CARRY MY BICYCLE around the corner to the closest bike parking area.
As I got climbed back in the ambulance, still unassisted, I saw something alarming. On their laminated 'Where Does It Hurt?' sheet I had written:




It was not until that point that it really all hit me. I'm pretty sure I cried a bit, but the oddest thing of all, I never broke. By all accounts (including the Police Report), I never once broke The Rules.

Thanks to J Hewie

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Location: Tohoku University, 2丁目-1 Katahira, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

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