Today: Japanese Hipsters

In Charleston, it was simply the preppy school-girl in a The North Face jacket:
But that was no matter. I have yet to see a single man or woman in the outdoors actually wear such apparel, unless they're glamping.
When life brought me to Clemson University though, things stepped up quite a bit:
Chacos: For The Cool Kids.
ENOs on Bowman Field: For The Cool Kids.
Wearing a Pack as a Backpack: For The Cool Kids:
The odd thing, my vexation even followed me to Japan.
All of these brands are thriving and abundant here.
Yet, per capita, this place puts SoHo to shame with its metrosexuality.
I love capitalism, but it's all a bit backwards.

Today, I had to send my Baltoro 70 back to Gregory Japan. The stitching that holds the frame together started to come undone somewhere in The Outback. This makes my second dead pack in under three years.
The Upside: This will more than likely be covered by the Manufacturers Warranty. 
The Downside: Besides being packless again, the biggest issue is that THEY HAVE NO REPAIR CENTER!
I can't simply write this off as an issue of market size. I've seen more Gregory branded bags here than I've ever seen in the states. The issue is what ties all of this together for me. No one actually uses these brands for what they were built on. They've become status symbols and luxury goods, the outdoors part is secondary at best. The rack of packs and climbing gear is simply there to make the store feel more authentic. Go to the GAP or Macy's if you want a warm winter coat. Stick with your Jansport; that's all that you need. 

Seeing as life is about incentive, I would like to start placing these over such mis-worn logos:
If you have any other good sticker ideas, please leave it in a comment below!

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Location: Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Kawauchi Motohasekura, 35


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