The Tiger: How To Get In The Newspaper

Sure, I was on the front page of the best news paper in New Zealand, but that was a one time thing (for the foreseeable future). Comes this fall though, I will be in Clemson's The Tiger on a weekly basis.

Add this to the list of 'Things I Never Told My Parents' (or anyone else for that matter). In high school, I had the opportunity to write frelance for The Post and Courier. I emailed the Preview Section Editor asking to do a fortnightly video game review column. He loved the idea and the sample I sent him. I used my gmail account with my given name but never mentioned the fact that I HAD YET TO PASS THE 9th GRADE. Due to the economic fallout at the time (especially in newspapers) there was a huge budget cut and massive restructuring occuring right as our corresponance started. The sense of accomplishment had already set in, though. I didn't need the money, and I would have prefered to play Team Fortress 2 than deal with all the nonesense on their end. I got lazy. I lost interest.
Fast forward four years. I'm still a news geek in love with journalism but a bit less lazy. So, I decided to email the editor of The Tiger and see if they wanted a political cartoonist. They did. In an afternoon I doodles six samples and submited them. They were quite well received. So, look for weekly intallments of The Tiger:, coming this fall.

Please, take a look at the other five comics. Comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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