Japan: The Super Omnivore

I've never been one for dietary restrictions (beyond those set forth by the trail). My ideology is simply this: If you aren't willing to kill it, then you shouldn't eat it. I find this is respectful to those who choose to implement such restrictions and is an intended slap in the face to the hypocrites who eat like a  pure carnivore but complain about animal slaughter. 

While in Japan, this attitude has worked tremendously in my favor. I honestly can't tell you exactly what I had for lunch today in the dinning hall. There was some fermented bean stuff, tofu covered in something yummy (chicken?), fish of some sort, and a bowl of maybe pork or beef with onions (Yes, I know; I didn't have any rice). When I go out to eat, I order much in the same way I did back in The States:

Server: "Are you ready to order?"
Me: "Yes, sir/mamm."
Server: "What would you like to order?" (or just a confirmatory nod)
Me: "I would like for you to surprise me."
|| In Japanese: "驚いてください。" / "Odoroite kudasai." / "Please, surprise me." (or literally, "Please surprised.") ||

At the grocery or continence store, I just look for the oddest thing on the shelf that I have yet to try. They have the most amazing snack food here! Note though, half their 'snack' food would nearly be considered 'healthy' food in the states.

After biting into a rice ball (おにぎり/Onigiri) and then discovering that their is meat in the center or devouring a bag of sweets to later find out it is some kind of nut/fruit thing: I am so happy for the freedom my body and mind affords me. I'm a Super Omnivore!

As long as there is no direct threat of Giardia, dysentery, E. Coli, and/or Botulism, I'm totally game to try anything at least twice.

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Location: Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Aramaki, Aoba6


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