Japan: The Weather (From Monsoon to Yuki)

The View of Campus, from the Steps of the Lab

The last two weeks I spent in Australia, at Cape Kimberly, I clothed myself (beyond my boxer-briefs) twice. Once, when I was in a house full of six women, and one other instance, when I went into town to use the internet, to let the world know I was alive. Other then that, there was no point in clothing myself beyond modesty. It was Monsoon Season; I was in the rain forest. The usage of loincloths made so much more since after my time there. Why take off a wet piece clothing that the rain just washed that isn't going to dry without your body heat, due to the stifling humidity, and put on a dry piece of clothing, if you plan to get those wet too? I have two pairs of clothes! That doesn't work.

A six hour plane flight later, though, and I was having to wear nearly all the clothes in my pack. Just barely maintain homeostasis, while hitching up to Sendai. I now have a warm laboratory to call home, until I move into my dorm in the next week. But just imagine my body's shock when I woke up to this, this morning:

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Location: 日本, 宮城県仙台市


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