Japan: The Rules

Speaking: Upon touching down at Narita International, in Tokyo this Monday, I will no longer speak English. To all of those who pressure me to or inquire why, I shall respond:

Watashi wa eigo ga hanasenai watashi no meiyo ni chikatte imasu.
I have vowed on my honor not to speak English.

I will continue as such until my plane touches down in Houston, Texas, mid-August. See Arian Dementors.
Written Language: Due to the fact that all of my classes are taught in my native tounge and that I wish to keep up my personal journal, this site, and some lines of communication to those I've met the past 19 years, I will allow myself to write in English, in moderation. Plus, it provides a solid form of backup if all else fails.
Singing: Permitted. Why the distinction? I'm going to Japan. It would be socially insensitive to bar myself from karaoke. Mostly though, I've lugged a guitar this far around the world. I'll be damned if I can't practice properly for five months.

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