Home: 48 Hours in a Year

As of writing, I really haven't been home in over a year.
Besides a brief drop-off/pick-up run I did, after selling books this past summer (which clocked in at under 48 hours), Charleston has gone a full year without seeing me.

Spring Break 2011 kicked off with a bang. It was great. The first night was spent in good spirits, with great company, and there's even this hazy bit that involved a stairwell... it was a spectacular evening. The rest of the holiday was also quite enjoyable: spending time with my Brothers, hammock camping, and even going home for a few days to see my mom, for her birthday. But, this is no longer my reality.

Clemson, a college town if there ever was one, has become home. I say this not out of homesickness or out of desperation to return state side, but it's simply a fact I've come to accept over the past months.
Even though I've yet to start my schooling here, in Sendai, this adventure is nearly half-way over. I've hitched to New York, spent New Year's in Time's Square, lived for three weeks in Brooklyn,  backpacked the entirety of New Zealand on a shoe-string budget, been in the newspaper, vagabonded everywhere but Perth in a country larger than Europe, and even lived in the rainforest for two weeks.

After all of this, when my mind wanders back to where I should call home, it's not to the city by the shore. It's to a town 250 miles away. An inconspicuous speck on the globe. That's where I call home.

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