February: The Month of (Mostly) Free

I have yet to beg or even ask a hitch for food or shelter, but given my means of travel, I tend to luck into that kind of stuff quite a bit. This year, February seemed exceptionally generous.
It gave me:
One: Extra Day
Two: Pizza and Chicken Dinners
Three: BBQ Sausage Dinners
Four: Steak and Seafood Dinners
Five: Hearty Sandwitches
Six: Such a Lovely Number
Seven: Pies (they need these things in the states) and Rotisserie Chickens
Eight: Delectable Instances of Ice Cream
Nine: Cozy Roofs Over my Head
Ten: Cups of Tea
Eleven: Cups of Coffee
A Dozen: Eggs
And (Conservative Figure) 35: Beers/Drinks
Not to mention, enough oatmeal/muesli, bread, and rice to satisfy the downtime. As well as, more fruits (grapes, wild blackberries tomatoes, oranges, approcots, pears, peaches, tangerines, and apples) and nuts (coconut and walnuts) than i could possibly count.
Thank You, February.
I hope your neighbor, March, is just as accommodating.

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