New Zealand: South Island (Thus Far)

Picton to Nelson: the longest wait for hitches yet. Gained a female hitchpartner. Second ride was an old WOOFFing friend of hers.
Nelson to River Side Community: Old WOOFFing friend accidently gets me entangled in WOOFing. I couldn't be happier.
Able Tasman: Gorgeous. I had to cheat the system a bit to get to its true beauty but have you ever eaten oysters on the same beach from which you picked them?
Back to River Side: I came with gifts; I could not wait to get back. So much amazing food. Travel partner acquired.
Westport: Caught a Weka. She did not apporove. Weka released. The top of a lighthouse for sunset.
Charleston: ha takes 30 seconds to drive through.
Pancake Rocks: We both have the hancuring.
Lake Mahinapua: Pancakes for dinner, yum (though the syrup here is shit). Devistation. Ineffible loss. First hitch in the rain. Alone.
Franz Josef Glacier: The trail has a way of healing what it makes. Glacier reached sans a guide.
Fox Glacier: Boulder says, 'no'. Oh well.
Back to Franz: Back to camp.
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Location: 2796-2824 フランツ・ジョゼフ・ハイウェイ フランツ・ジョゼフ・グレイシャー 7886 ニュージーランド


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