New Zealand: Milford Sound and Stewart Island

Leaving Wanaka: Eustace Conway should be expecting a post card.
Getting to Milford Sound: It was the day of tour buses. My first hitch was an off duty tour bus driver for the Kiwi Express (or Experience as they call it). We stopped and got a beer at the historic hotel that was on the stamp of Eustace's post card. Two hitches later, I was picked up by a tour bus! Back Story: I always smile and wave the biggest for tour busses because they're never going to pick you up. Well, this one did. I did my normal traveler schpeal but on a microphone for a bus full of Kiwi reirees. They even had me sing and play guitar. Two rides later I was at the sound.
Milford Sound: Have you ever camped below a 531 ft water fall? I did. My little oasis also priovided me with a little kayak to travel the sound (though the companies running the boats insisted that I take a ride back from them upon my return... I never say no to a free ride). The second day, I shared my little sectret with a fellow tramper which in the end yeilded  (beyond conpanionship) a pitcher of beer, a chocolate brownie, and a stove to cook my rice on.
To Bluff (Almost): Hitchig to Bluff, I had the wonderful offer of a warm bed, a hot shower, dinner (PIZZA!), a movie, and breakfast in the morning. I most happily accepted being only 20 km out, in Invergaril.
In Bluff: One hitch, two fishing companies, and five boat capains later: I was swimming accross the bay. WildFire was docked at a warf that required a security checkpoint to access via land, so I swam. It garnered me free transport to Stewart Island and an awesome lunch with one of the most knowlegable guess about the place, Phillip Smith.
Stewart Island: Amazing so far. The treks have been great, as have the people. I've managed a free place to stay (see attatched) and amazing dinner companions.

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Location: ブルーフ 9814 ニュージーランド


  1. Looks Beautiful. Eustace will be very happy when he hears about your adventrues.
    Strumming guitar and singing to a group of retirees on a bus headed towards a gorgeous paradise. Perfect. Be prepared and be careful.

  2. Everything sounds amazing. I'm not at all surprised that you're getting such a warm reception everywhere you go. You're pretty spectacular, so it's not shocking people are welcoming you with open arms. I miss you around here!

  3. Thank you to the both of you.


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