Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The music and dialouge was on par with what I paid for admission ($39), but the fly work and awesome set peices made the show worth the face value of the tickets ($90+). And that's just the show.
I befriended a lady in line this morning. She was there because she met one of the actors/dancers when she was out the night before. Keep in mind this lady is like 50. So I got seats behind hers and talked her and her daughter up before the show and durring intermission. Ends up the guy, Chris, is the one who made headlines for the show as Spider-Man... by falling the equivilant of three stories.  Chris is a boss, took four months to recover, and he is back at it. Not only that but this fair gent took us back stage. I got to hug Mary Jane. I shall repeat. I got to hug Mary Jane Watson! I also met the Green Goblin's body double (Chris's foe for the final fight), saw and held all of the Savage Six's costumes, toured the makeup room and talked theatre geek to the makeup artist, went below the stage to the labyrinth of hydraulics that can make the stage go from level to a death defying rake, and finally to round out the tour hit we hit up the stage itself. Life. That is the lesson of the day kids. Just go with it.

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Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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